Best Rosacea Treatment, Identified

Rosacea Treatment

Rosacea patient may experience burning feeling, stinging and itching of facial skin. There are a lot of known symptoms of this skin problem like flushing, pustules, swelling of nose and eye irritation.  Patients usually do not experience the symptoms all at once but there are ones who are so unlucky that they are suffering from all the known symptoms. Untreated and worsen cases can feel and look horrible.  Some even practice self-medication but just makes it worse. Irritation and severe swelling is experienced. To those who want to know the different known effective treatment to this ugly skin disease, here are those:

Promote good blood circulation

Studies show that having good blood circulation can help in managing Rosacea. The best way to proper circulation is regular exercise and plenty of water.  .  It also includes massage and hydration.  With good blood circulation, one can experience skin rejuvenation.  Regular exercise should always come with healthy diet.

Topical medications

There are creams and gels available in the market that helps in rosacea treatment. Most of them are inflammatory that reduces the swelling.

Oral medications

Oral medication works faster with topical medication but may also be taken with topical medication for better result.  Oral medications for this condition can be antibiotic, anti-inflammatory or anti-bacterial. These treatments can either be prescriptive drugs or can be bought over-the-counter.  To make sure about the proper dosage, ask the pharmacist or contact a doctor.

Herbal Treatments

Glycemic acid is known to reduce and eradicate bacteria. It will help in the treatment even without drying the skin of the patient. Green tea cream is another natural solution. However, taking or applying herbal treatment should always with doctor’s assistance.  Do not apply it without prescription as Rosacea is a sensitive skin disorder that needs proper care.

Laser Treatment

As mentioned, rosacea sufferers have dilated blood vessels as one of the symptoms.  In worst cases, it will not be treated by simple drugs, it needs laser treatment to completely kill the bacteria and heal the traces.  It also diffuses the redness and improves texture of the skin.


It is the only treatment to disfigured nose because of swelling. Dilated blood vessels can also be treated by surgery.  This will definitely improve the appearance of the infected part of the face.

The duration of the treatment can be short-term or long-term and can even be life-long. It depends on the severity.  That is why doctors recommend that treatments should not be stopped right away if improvements are noticed.  Also, this is a persistent skin disorder, thus, even if we thought that it is already treated, there can still be a tendency that it will come back as more serious condition.

This is the reason why proper care and cleansing should be practiced before and after treatment.  Avoiding triggers of rosacea can also help. Lastly, do not take this for granted. The problem is in the face so it can easily affect your appearance.  Go dot dermatologist right away. Follow her advice and do not take anything without it.

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