Treatment Techniques for Different Rosacea Types

Survey from the American Academy of Dermatology says that Rosacea is a chronic skin disease is experience by around 14 million people in the United States only. Most of the respondents who acquired this disease are middle-aged adults. The common casualties of this disease are women with fair skin. The skin time highly affects the […]

Symptoms Treatment of Rosacea

Rosacea Treatment is greatly needed by people who are currently experiencing the pain brought by the symptoms that go along with it. People diagnosed with this skin condition exhibits the following symptoms: Red face which is very sensitive Dry skin with burning and stinging sensation Bumps which are acne-like Skin that is coarse and thick […]

Rosacea Myths, Answered

There are many myths in regards to having Rosacea and this article wants them answered. Alcohol can cause Rosacea. Alcohol does not cause this skin disorder. In fact, the causes of this chronic disorder are still unknown.  However, although not considered as one of the causes, it is one of the triggering factors that may […]

Rosacea: Its Effect to Patient’s Life

If you are suffering from Rosacea, it should not affect your life. You should continue your being productive and enjoy what you are used to do. Well, you will tell me, it is easier said than done. Many find this Rosacea as minor problem of the skin which can easily be cured by topical treatments.  […]

Rosacea: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rosacea? It is a chronic condition, usually persistent, that causes redness in the facial skin.  Redness can be found in the cheeks, nose, chin and eyes. What causes this skin problem? The causes of this skin condition are still unknown.  However, there are known factors that can trigger to worsen its symptoms like […]