Deceiving Redness: Rosacea

If there are unexplained swelling and redness around your face then you may be suffering from Rosacea. This is a skin condition wherein there is unpainful redness commonly on the nose, cheeks and forehead. This symptom may be mistaken as a common irritation but it can be more serious that you have expected. In this article, thorough information about this condition is explained and the consequences if left untreated.

Nose Complications

Rhinophyma is a skin condition wherein the oil glands in the nose are severely affected that they tend to be gravely enlarged. The symptoms include bulb-like nose shape, redness and swelling on the affected area, thickening of skin and an oil yellowish texture on the nose.




The simple appearance of redness is already a mere embarrassment so suffering from this condition can have drastic effects on your self-esteem. The problem should probably go away once the symptoms are gone but to those who have severe and chronic conditions, social quotients are definitely affected. One of the emotional distresses a victim can include:

1. Frustrations

2. Mild to severe depression

3. Self-pity

4. Anti-social feeling

5. Anxiety

Eye Complications

If there are no Rosacea treatments done to heal the swelling and redness, then further complications around the eyes are possible.

There is an eye complication known as Blepharitis or simply put it as inflammation of the eyelids. This is the most common side effects of Rosacea which affects about 20-30% of the people suffering from it. This is treated by taking oral antibiotics or applying topical creams as a cleaning habit.

For more severe cases, this skin condition can lead to vision loss. Although this case is very rare, it can be irreversible which means that no other medical treatments are available to bring back normal eye sight.

Microbial Resistance

There is another side effect if Rosacea treatments are not done and that is the resistance of a victim to anti-microbial medications. Another cause of microbial resistance is when a Rosacea victim do not follow the medications correctly, especially when treatment is done irregularly.

A person with microbial resistance may acquire stronger diseases and much severe complications. This will then add up to a much invasive medications and expensive payments.

All health conditions have side effects if not treated properly and one as simple as skin irritation is not exempted. It is still good to practice prevention so as not to go through with time-consuming and expensive treatments. So before this article ends, here are good tips to prevent any skin irritation

1. Use sun block to protect the skin

2. Choose cosmetic products that are compatible to skin, much more if it is made from organic materials and are dermatological tested.

3. Practice good grooming. Make sure to have a clean body especially when you are constantly exposed to pollution and other harmful environment

4. Strengthen immune system. Make sure that you get a proper diet and exercise, coupled with enough sleep and rest to make sure that your body can protect itself from any health threatening condition.

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