Keep a Beautiful Skin, Keep Yourself Away From Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic condition of the skin which can be characterized by inflammation usually found in cheeks, nose and scalp.  Some cases of rosacea produce small pimple-like bumps. This condition usually affects Caucasians of all ages. This condition is not contagious. Although there is a possibility that it can be inherited, it will not spread like an infectious disease.  Rosacea treatments are available and should be applied once become noticeable to prevent it from spreading.

Although the cause of this condition is not yet known, some risk factors are said that can aggravate the condition. Knowing the below list of factors that triggers this condition can help in its prevention.



Light Skin Color

As mentioned, rosacea is common to Caucasians and Western Europeans. Once their skin is exposed to sun, their skin is inflamed which triggers this condition.  Studies show that having this may run in genes and can be inherited.  Now, to prevent further damage, make sure to wear sunscreen protection whenever going out of the sun.  Do no overexpose yourself as you are just making the condition worse.

Extreme Weathers

Same thing happens if they were exposed to extreme weathers like humid or cold temperatures as well as strong winds. Sauna bath, because it is warm, may trigger having this condition.  Avoid extreme changes in temperature if you can.  Make sure that your body is adapting to a new environment and weather before trying another.

Emotional pressure

Just like acne stress and anxiety can also trigger this skin problem. Emotional pressure usually causes a rapid blood flow in the faces which causes the inflammation and redness of the skin.  Try to relax a bit especially if you are Caucasian and new to a weather condition of a place.

Skin care products

Cosmetics that uses alcohol as one if its ingredients may also cause inflammation.  Although alcohol is not the main culprit for the redness of the skin, it may aggravate the condition so make sure to avoid them. Other topical products including medications can also irritate the skin and may cause inflammation.


Beverages like coffee and tea also triggers rosacea.  Avoid these products if you know that you are prone to it.

Demodex folliculorum

It is also called microscopic mite and usually not harmful.  However, according to recent studies, it is possible that it triggers the risk of spreading of rosacea.

Certain foods like dairy products, spicy foods, liver, cheese, yogurt, and chocolate to name a few can worsen the redness and inflammation of skin.

Redness in the skin can be very embarrassing.  Since it is usually happens on the face, it is noticeable and you will always want to hide it.  It causes problem with confidence and self-esteem.  So, to make sure that it will not spread to other part of the body and will not make the condition worse, dermatologist should be asked.  Do not leave it untreated as you will not forgive yourself for having a really unpresentable skin. There are oral and topical rosacea treatments that the doctor may prescribe. Make sure that they are followed.

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