Prevention thru Nutrition from Rosacea

A person suffering from this kind of skin condition affects his personal and social life. What’s more, severe and chronic ones are damaging to the extent of eye blindness and even immune system dysfunction. So why not prevent Rosacea from striking in by giving yourself a shield from the inside. Here is a good read to determine the best food to take care of your skin and prevent any expensive Rosacea treatment.




Avocadoes are often not classified in the fruit category because it is richer in monounsaturated fat than its fruit content. With this fat content is the ability to moisturize and refresh skin.

As prevention: To prevent any skin disorder, eat a cup of avocadoes. This food is packed with Vitamin E that is known to provide healthy and glowing skin. It also contains good amount of biotin to prevent skin from drying out.

As treatment: If you are suffering from skin condition like Rosacea, apply a chilled mashed avocado on your face concentrating more on the affected area. It will sooth irritation and may relieve you from swelling and redness.


Guava is another food item that has a strong antioxidant content, it is packed with lots of Vitamin C. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is generally present in most cosmetic products, especially in beauty creams. So why not go to the natural option and choose a food that is rich in Ascorbic Acid.

As prevention: Eat more guavas and see how it boosts up your immune system. A good skin also requires a strong immune system as it block all the potential harmful substance that goes deep in your skin.

As treatment: This is also a Rosacea treatment as it contains anti-microbial properties and other antioxidants to shield skin from damages or prevent skin disorder from worsening. Create a facial mask by mashing guavas into the affected area and apply it to affected areas.

Green Tea

Green tea is becoming famous not just because of its ability to fasten the metabolism but also to relieve many health concerns. Skin concerns are not exempted as it also has some good properties to either prevent or treat any skin problems. This kind of tea is packed with anti-oxidants and polyphenols that are known to wash away any toxins in the body.

As prevention: As a prevention, a good cup of green tea every morning and before bedtime is ideal to detoxify body from toxins.

As treatment: Treatment with green tea is said to be more effective as compared to any other home remedies. To use green tea as a Rosacea treatment, simply pour in hot water in a green teabag. Let it cool until lukewarm and wash it all over the face.

Other good food sources to get rid of any skin conditions are chocolate, nuts, sea foods and green leafy vegetables. Couple it up with a diet that is low in fat and calories, with a regular exercise. Prevention should not be that expensive. In fact, it can be fun!

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