Rosacea and its Triggering Factors

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Rosacea is a skin condition with unknown cause and is characterized by redness, flushing and acne-like bumps in the face.  Although the cause is unknown, there are triggering factors that many result to its flare-ups.  Some may be triggered by exhaustive activities, extreme weathers, intense emotions or specific skin care products. However, there are researches that also prove that most Rosacea cases are triggered by foods.


Alcohol is the number one triggering factor of flare-ups in Rosacea. Avoid wine and beer if you know that you have a tendency to suffer from it. We do not recommend a moderate drinking of alcohol.  Rather, make sure that it is totally avoided. Drink other refreshments like fresh fruit juices instead of alcohol.  Not only that you are preventing yourself to suffer from symptoms, fruits are known to promote good health and complexion.

Spicy and Hot Foods

Remove spicy foods from your diet. Unfortunately, there are people, even who do not have Rosacea, suffers from redness of face after eating foods that are spicy and hot. If you love flavorful foods, try to look for substitutes that do not generate heat.

Hot Coffee or Hot Tea

Because Rosacea can be triggered by extreme changes of temperature, hot coffee and hot tea may cause you to suffer from it. If you can, avoid them completely. Caffeine, which is the main active of coffee and tea, promotes skin damage like dehydration, roughness and itchiness, thus, will just make the patient suffer more.  But for those people who cannot completely avoid them, they may just drink them when they are already in colder temperature to avoid flare-ups.

To people who do not want to suffer from Rosacea ever again, make sure that you know your triggering factor. The best way to know it is to know your family history or make a daily journal of the food you eat. Check to which products or foods or any other factors that makes your skin sensitive.

Proper care for your skin is also important. You will never go wrong if you take good care of your skin and practice proper cleansing regimen.  There are cleansing chemicals that can also cause redness so make sure not to use them. Check the label and choose products for sensitive skin.

Stress is another triggering factor of Rosacea. Thus, too much pressure at work or stress at home should be remedied. Try to relax once in a while to free yourself from worries and anxiety. Family support can also help you cope up with stress and problems.  Make sure that the people around you are cooperative and willing to help you with anything.

Lastly, consult your dermatologist if you think you are suffering from any symptoms of Rosacea. Do not be afraid or embarrassed in asking for her support as she is the best person to give you advice on how to cope up with your situation.  Do not be worried, she will definitely be of help.

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