Rosacea: Facing the challenges of Skin Problem

Rosacea Redness

The most common problem of Rosacea patients are their low self-esteem.  Having the feeling of embarrassment and lack of confidence is common to them because the problem is very visual – it is in the face.  Although this condition may be common to some, not everybody can cope up with the emotional stress it can bring.  Just imagine treating both the skin problem and emotional stress. It means that it is not a simple problem to cure. It affects one’s way of life.

In this article will give you some tips on how to manage being a Rosacea patient without losing your confidence.

Continue with your happy life

Always remember that no skin or skin condition should affect your relationship with your family and friends. If you think that they are making fun of you, or you feel that you are neglected and not loved, do not be paranoid. This disease will not make a different person.  Make sure that you still have the qualities of a good person and deserve to be loved.  If you are unhappy with their behavior towards you, talk to them instead of keeping all the hurts to yourself. Give them a chance. You might be wrong.

Apply make-up

Being too self conscious is normal to people with Rosacea.  Having this condition should not stop you from dressing up well and being presentable to other people especially at work.  Covering the redness or inflammation of the face is an effective way to gain self-esteem.  There are many good brands that can camouflage this.  Make sure to use cosmetics that do not have active ingredients that are known to trigger this skin problem as it may worsen the condition.

Avoid being stressed

Do not get affected easily with the things around you. Do not be too emotional. Release yourself from negative feelings. Try to relax and get a massage.  A good walk in a park, reading books and meeting new friends may also help. As you know, stress is another factor that triggers Rosacea. Thus, if you will not manage your emotions properly, you will have bigger problem.

Know what triggers your Rosacea

Not all patients have the same triggering factor.  Some may be caused by sudden change of weather and some with the food they eat and beverages they drink.  Keep away from them and make a research about their alternatives. If you do not know what triggers your disease, watch every food you eat and activities done and make sure to write them down so you know what should be avoided.

Follow Doctor’s advice.

It is very important that you consult your doctor and follow the prescription unfailingly. With this, the Rosacea treatment will be shorter and the possibility of coming back can be avoided.  Sometimes, it requires a life-long change in the diet and Rosacea treatment. If it affects your daily life, ask your doctor for alternative or options.

If you are suffering from this condition, do not be hard on yourself. Skin problem should not stop you from being a happy and worth loving person.

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