Rosacea: Sensitive Questions Answered


Those who are suffering from this condition may already know what Rosacea is. However, there are certain questions that some FAQs cannot answer and hope to be answered for clearer information about this skin disorder.

Are its symptoms the same with other patients?

The symptoms of this skin disorder may differ from person to person.  There are a lot of symptoms known and it is not necessarily present to all patients to diagnose them with the same disease.  Also, the symptoms may differ according to severity. Some may experience mild symptoms like redness and some may experience severe symptoms like eye irritation.

Is there any cure for this skin problem?

There is no cure known yet for this condition.  However, there are Rosacea treatments available that can help manage the skin disorder.  These treatments may come in different forms like creams or gels. There are also some dermatologists that prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs depending on the result of examination.

Is it true that many patients are suffering from emotional stress because of this condition?

The emotional effect of this skin disorder differs from every patient.  Some do not really consider this as a big deal as they believe it can be treated.  Usually, these patients are experiencing mild symptoms only.  However, for others who really have severe symptoms that their appearance was greatly affected, their self-esteem is lessened. Some also feel embarrassment and phobia.  Negative effects of this condition to a person’s emotion are understandable as the problem is very visual.

Are patients of this condition more prone to other skin disorders?

It does not really follow that if a patient is suffering from Rosacea, she is already nearer to having other skin problems.  Yes, there are some reports that show that even if they are already suffering from this condition, they still facing other conditions. In the same way that other patients only suffer from Rosacea and no longer experience symptoms of other skin disease.

Is this skin condition related to acne?

It is not related to acne although there are certain symptoms that they also look similar. They may coexist but Rosacea is different from acne.

Is this condition hereditary?

There are some pieces of evidence that show that this skin disorder is hereditary.  Some studies even show that race may trigger its existence because fair-skinned and Scandinavian people are prone to it. That is why, if one consulted a dermatologist, the latter will conduct examinations to know the patient’s medical history.

Is it true that it gets worse as a patient grows older?

It is true that if this skin disorder is not treated right away, symptoms may get worse.  But there is no study that proves that age affects the severity of this condition.

How long does it lasts?

There is no particular timeframe for its occurrence.  However, since this is a persistent disease, even after Rosacea treatments, it may come back.

Can make-up be used to conceal the redness of the skin?

Yes, make-up is a great help in concealing the redness of the skin in the face.  However, one has to make sure that said make-up is not composed of any ingredient that may trigger the worsening of the rosacea.  Also, make sure that proper cleaning of the skin is done to wash off dirt brought by cosmetics.

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